Traditional Engagement Dress for couple Ideas in 2023

Weddings are one of the most important days in a couple’s life and what better way to celebrate than by dressing up in incredibly stylish couple outfits?  Here we are going to discuss about Traditional Engagement Dress for couple. While there are plenty of options for dresses for individual women, couples have even more options when it comes to choosing an engagement dress. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best engagement dress ideas for couples. So, check best engagement couple dress combination, simple and traditional. From sweetheart necklines to floor-length ball gowns, there’s sure to be something for you and your partner. So don’t wait any longer—start searching for the perfect dress today!

Traditional Engagement Dress for couple


Traditional Engagement Dress for couple:

Best Traditional Engagement Dress for Couple

Looking for the perfect dress to wear on your big day? Whether you’re looking for something traditional or more adventurous, we’ve covered you! Here are our latest engagement dresses ideas for couples. Some traditional engagement dresses for couples are here:

Designer Anarkali And Three Piece Suit

Anarkali is a popular Indian style of dress for traditional engagement dress. It can be elegantly simple or elaborately embellished and often features a bright color palette.

If you’re looking for an intricate three-piece suit on your special day, consider opting for designs by Anarkali designer Gauri Kumar. Her pieces are beautiful and unique, adding a touch of glamour to your ensemble.

Designer Anarkali And Three Piece Suit

Another excellent option is the designer’s “Lovely Lifestyle” collection, which features dresses in delicate shades of pink and ivory. These flattering styles will look great on any figure and are perfect for formal occasions or everyday wear.

A Stunning Crop Top And Black Suit

When planning your engagement party, don’t forget the bride-to-be’s look! Here are some stunning crop top and black suit ideas to help you create the perfect ensemble.

This black crop top will add a touch of sexy sophistication to any engagement outfit. You can pair it with a chic black dress or a simple blouse for a more casual look.

A Stunning Crop Top And Black Suit

If you’re going for a more formal appearance, opt for this floor-length lace crop top. It’s perfect for an elegant evening out with your fiancé.

For something more playful and summery, try this bright pink cropped top. It will brighten up any outfit and make you feel like the queen of the party.

Purple Sherwani And Contrasting Lehenga

What could be more romantic than a purple sherwani and delicate lehenga? These outfits are perfect for an intimate engagement ceremony or wedding and can also be dressed up or down for different occasions. The contrasting textures of the fabric and the jewels make these dresses stand out.

Purple Sherwani And Contrasting Lehenga

Try pairing a purple sherwani with a sparkling neckline dress or sequinned skirt for an elegant evening wedding. Please check below engagement pics to get the best dress idea. For something whimsical and fun, go for a shorter chic lehenga in shades of pink, purple, or lavender. What are you waiting for? Check out some of our favorite choices below!

1) A stunningly gorgeous bride wears a beautiful purple sherwani on her special day

2) A light blue lehenga teamed up with a navy bolero jacket to create an effortlessly stylish ensemble

3) A pretty lavender sherwani styled with delicate pearl earrings for an enchanting bridal look

4) A jewel-encrusted purple sari completed with matching pumps for an elevated engagement ceremony look

Magenta Shade Saree & Matching Nehru Jacket

Think magenta when you want to wow your loved one with an exquisite and stylish engagement dress! This color is flattering on all skin tones and pairs wonderfully with neutrals like black or gray. Consider opting for a strapless gown or a floor-length silhouette for a sleek and modern look. Try pairing bold magenta lipstick with your dress if you want to add some extra pizzazz to your ensemble. Alternatively, go for a natural look by wearing your gown unfettered and letting the natural beauty of the fabric speak for itself.

If you’re looking for something more traditional but elegant, try choosing a ballgown-style dress in this hue. Whether you need something timeless or up-to-the-minute, there’s no denying that magenta is one of the most beautiful colors to wear on your big day!

Magenta Shade Saree & Matching Nehru Jacket

Pristine White Anarkali With Royal Blue Sherwani

Anarkali suits are the perfect choice for an engagement party. They’re elegant but still comfortable and go with just about any outfit. You can choose to feature a new white anarkali with a royal blue sherwani, or you can go all out and customize your ensemble with sequins and sparkling gems. Whichever look you choose, add some beautiful earrings and a matching necklace to complete your look.

Pastel Kurta With Vibrant Shade Lehenga

Looking for an engagement dress that is unique and stylish? Check out our selection of pastel kurtas! These light, airy dresses are perfect for summer weddings or any special occasion.

Pastel Kurta With Vibrant Shade Lehenga

Our favorite version features a vibrantly colored lehenga skirt with a floral print bodice. The delicate lace creates a lovely feminine silhouette, while the pastel hue perfectly complements any wedding color scheme. This dress would also be perfect for a summer picnic or beach party!

If you’re looking for something more traditional, we also have a wonderful pastel kurta dress with a classic A-line silhouette. This dress is cut from soft silk fabric and has an elegant drape. It would make a beautiful wedding gown or bridal party outfit.

No matter which version you choose, our pastel kurtas will add elegance and style to your special day.

Floral Prints In Different Shades

When choosing simple engagement dresses, it’s important to consider the couple’s style. Whether you and your husband prefer something light and airy or more refined and formal, there are sure to be floral prints that fit the bill. Here are five different shades of floral print that will look fabulous on either of you:

The pale pink hues of this print can be paired with any color scheme, giving your wedding ensemble a versatile feel.

This delicate floral print is perfect for a summer wedding. The minty greens will add a touch of brightness to an otherwise understated color palette, while the white flowers against the blue sky create an elegant look.

A Pink Gown With Formal Suit Traditional Engagement Dress

Consider what you want for yourself and your partner when planning your wedding. Do you want a traditional gown or something more modern? Maybe a mix of both? There are so many options, but one thing is for sure – you’ll need to find the right dress for your body type. Here are some tips on choosing the perfect engagement dress:

A Pink Gown With Formal Suit

If you’re petite, look for dresses with a low back or lace overlay. These styles will elongate your figure and make you feel taller. Wear shorter dresses with a high neckline and volume around the waist if you’re taller. You can also add height with a pair of heels.Don’t forget about comfort when choosing an engagement dress! Make sure to try on different styles until you find one that feels comfortable and flattering. Remember: weddings are supposed to be fun!

Mustard Yellow Kurta & Dusty Blue Sharara

There’s no doubt that a matching dress is a classic way to show your engagement. But what about when you’re the one getting married? Here are some ideas for beautiful and flattering mustard yellow kurtas paired with dusty blue sharara for a stunning look.

Mustard Yellow Kurta & Dusty Blue Sharara

Start by choosing a mustard yellow kurta that is both comfortable and stylish. A light and airy fabric is ideal, as is a loose fit so that you can move quickly during your ceremony. Pair it with a versatile sandal or wedges to finish the look.

Formal Suit & Evening Gown Traditional Engagement Dress

Looking for the perfect formal wedding dress? Check out our selection of elegant evening gowns perfect for couples! We’ve covered you whether you’re opting for a traditional ballgown or something more contemporary. With styles ranging from A-lines to mermaids, we have something for every bride and bridal party. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and shop our collection today!

Formal Suit & Evening Gown

Black Suit With Red Midi Dress Traditional Engagement Dress

Looking for an elegant yet stylish engagement dress? Here are some of our top picks for couples.

Black suit with red midi dress: This classic black suit is a great option for any wedding or engagement. The red midi dress brings a pop of color and feminine detail to the outfit, making it perfect for a romantic setting.

Black Suit With Red Midi Dress

Sheath gowns are a popular choice for weddings, as they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. They’re versatile and flattering, so don’t hesitate to choose one if you want something special for your big day.

Polka dot dress: A polka dot dress is another classic option perfect for any event. It’s fun and flirty, making you stand out from the crowd. You can even add a matching purse or shoe to complete the look!

A Sea Green Lehenga With Off White Sherwani

If you and your significant other are looking for an unforgettable wedding dress experience, consider a sea-green lehenga with an off-white sherwani. This gown is sure to dazzle all of your guests and will make for the perfect photo opportunity. The subtle combination of the two colors will give your ensemble an air of sophistication and elegance. You can team this dress with nude pumps or low-heeled sandals to complete the look.

A Sea Green Lehenga With Off White Sherwani

Combination Of Blue Outfits

When choosing an engagement dress, consider the colors of both you and your partner. A blue color will harmonize well with most skin tones, making it a popular choice for couples who want to look coordinated and unique. Some other colors can be complementary to blue: purple, green, yellow, pink, and gray.

Combination Of Blue Outfits

When looking for an engagement dress, keep these tips in mind:

Choose something that is flattering and comfortable;

Look at engagement pictures of dresses similar to the one you’re considering so you can get an idea of what styles look best on you;

Make sure the size is correct before purchasing;

Be aware of fabrics and materials – they may need special care if you plan on having children;

Check with your stylist about alterations – sometimes minor changes can make all the difference in how your outfit looks and feels

A Floral Midi With Grey Suit

Looking for an engagement dress that will show your love for each other? Check out these elegant and florally Midi dresses from various designers. Whether you want a classic look or something more modern, we’ve covered you!

A Floral Midi With Grey Suit

Matching Florals In Velvet Texture

Looking for a unique way to show your love for each other? Check out our collection of matching floral dresses in velvet texture. Whether you’re opting for a traditional sweetheart dress or something more daring, these dresses will definitely stand out and make an impression. Plus, they can be styled in so many different ways to suit any occasion.

Matching Florals In Velvet Texture

Our selection of velvet floral dresses come in different lengths and styles, so there’s sure to be one that perfectly suits your needs. And if you’re looking for something extra special, why not add some sparkling accessories like earrings and a necklace? With so many options available, there’s no limit to the ways you can express your love for each other!


When it comes to weddings, couples always have a lot on their minds about Traditional Engagement Dress for couple. From the dress they will wear to the reception that awaits them after the ceremony, there is so much to think about. One of the most important decisions couples have to make is what kind of wedding attire they will be wearing. If you are looking for ideas on how to style your indo western engagement dress, our article has got you covered! Whether you want something simple and classic or opt for something more daring and outrageous, we have a dress for you. So whether you are planning your dream wedding or just want some inspiration, keep reading!

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